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Travel Manager Support


You should always ensure that you are using the latest version of the Travel Manager software.

Please check the Revision List for each download which describes the changes made and any new features included.

Please note that not all downloads are relevant to all customers.  You should only download the updates for the programs which you have installed and are licenced for.

To install an update, do the following:

1. Exit all users from the relevant program
2. Backup your data
3. Click on the download button for the required update
4. Select Run or Open and click Ok, Answer Yes to any questions.  Do not select Save.
5. Your anti-virus software may block the download.  You will need to select “Allow” or “Keep” to confirm the download.
6. In the last screen, select UnZip

Travel Manager v1.74eDownloadRevision List
Purchases Ledger v1.91fDownload
Bank Ledger v1.91eDownload
Sales Ledger v1.92eDownload
Nominal Ledger v1.90dDownload


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