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Alarm Manager will manage the essential operations of a Security Installer’s business, making it easier for you to comply with industry standards and licencing regulations and giving you more time to focus on your customers.  Our software is simple to use yet flexible enough to meet the changing needs of your business.

We have been providing software and consultancy services to Security & Fire Installers since 1997 and during this time our Alarm Manager product has grown considerably based on customer suggestions together with keeping up to date with Industry Standards and Regulations.  Alarm Manager is used by many Security & Fire Installers in Ireland and the UK.


Key Features

Customer Database
A record of each Customer including Systems installed and Maintenance/Monitoring contracts.

Equipment Specifications
Create Specifications as per Industry Regulations (As Fitted Document).  You can also produce System Design Proposals, Acceptance Certificates and a range of standard documents.

Create quotations which you can copy and paste to an email.  Once you confirm the go ahead, you can then identify the customer as a live customer.

Maintenance & Monitoring
Keep track of your Maintenance and Monitoring renewals, always knowing in advance which customers are due for renewal in a given month.

Routine Maintenance Calls
Keep track of your Routine Maintenance calls, always knowing in advance which customers are due a call in a given month.  You can set the Service Interval for each Customer according to the types of System, e.g. 3, 6 or 12 months.

Service Calls
Record and manage Service Calls and Installations, with a list available of Open calls, reports by Engineer and a comprehensive history available for each Customer.  Log a Call and send to Engineer instantly via Email.

Any report available within the system can be instantly copied to an email.  This allows you to send a list of calls or details regarding a particular customer to an Engineer.

Mail Merge Documents
Create your own standard documents which you can select and print for any customer when required or send to an email.

There are over 30 reports instantly available, including Engineers Work Schedule, Calls Outstanding, Engineer Analysis, Maintenance and Monitoring Renewals Due and Routine Maintenance Calls Due.

Alarm Manager is a multi-user system, running on any number of networked computers.

Windows based
Alarm Manager is a Windows based application designed for Desktop or Laptop computers. We do not have a mobile iPad/Android version.

Read-Only Version
This allows your engineers access to Customer data on a laptop or remote computer.


Read our product brochure for further details:





Alarm Manager is provided on an Annual Licence Fee basis, with options as follows:

Single User €495
2 to 5 Users €795
>5 Users €POA
Read-Only option €295

All prices subject to VAT at 23%.  For UK and other EU states, upon receipt of your EU VAT number, we do not charge VAT.

The Annual Licence Fee also includes product support.



software for alarm installers

We have been using Alarm Manager for 6 years and we can highly recommend it. It is so easy to navigate, great to pull up reports quickly and great at keeping all customer history in one place securely. There is so much the software does, we would not be able to run our business effectively without it now.

Louise Behan

JB Security Systems, Berkshire, UK

software for alarm installers

We moved onto Alarm Manager a few years ago and found it really straightforward and easy to use and far superior to our previous system.  It is very reasonably priced and an absolute must for alarm companies in maintaining their records.

Jennifer Napthine

WDX Security, Suffolk, UK

software for alarm installers

ATA Security have been using Alarm Manager for over 15 years.  This software package has allowed us to improve the efficiency of our business.  Features such as the tracking of calls and the management of maintenance contracts have been of immense benefit.  The software is extremely user friendly.  The aim of ATA is to move towards a more streamlined electronic way of working, reducing the paper trail and this package has assisted us in reaching our target.

Paul Flanagan

ATA Security Ltd., Dublin, Ireland

Sample Clients

software for alarm installers
software for alarm installers
software for alarm installers
software for alarm installers
software for alarm installers
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software for alarm installers
software for alarm installers